A Tale of Two Developments

Jan 21, 2019 by Markus Törnqvist

Hi everyone!

Iron Sky: A Lunar Adventure is a jam game at heart. It was conceived as such and sadly it never ceased being one. Because our small company has not seen many peaceful days during its time so far, we never had the resources to test the game thoroughly. This is evidenced by the mandelbug devlog posts when the game would simply get stuck at the end. Time constraints made us implement a workaround instead of figuring it out. That’s what I mean by it still being a jam game.

Work on Iron Sky: Cold War is still on-going. We received a grant to produce a demo we - and the other party - are satisfied with. Well, we’re more nit-picky than they, so the release will be held back for a while. We had two part-time-employed testers on the grant project and they shook out a bootful of bugs. The experience was wonderful in comparison to Lunar Adventure, even when we had 38 open issues.

I was hoping Iron Sky: A Lunar Adventure 1.2.0 would be the last release of its kind, but as it happened, a bug was found. A bug so bad I won’t mention its name.

We are extremely grateful for every bug report. Sometimes it feels like the 90s, when there was no Internet and developers got no feedback, but when we do, we love it. That’s why we’re here.

This 1.3.0 release fixes that bug and synchronizes the code base with what we have in Cold War. Most of it’s invisible to you guys. Also, all of us at Fad Games hope as few of you as possible hit this bug.

I won’t digress into what types of issues are currently present in Cold War. I will, however, go on record that once we have funding to finish off something we can present to the world, it will have passed paid-for testing.

The moral of this story, and every testing-related story, is that you can’t assume the people who wear three hats at once will catch all the issues. Instead you can be very sure the developer hat causes stress-induced regressions instead.

And that it might take almost two months to catch them.

Markus Törnqvist, Lead Developer